All Collingwood Cymbals now entirely hand-hammered!

A couple of weeks ago I managed to get hold of some B20 blanks from a German supplier. Although I am continuing to order Turkish, I was excited to try something a bit different.

This batch differs from my usual supply in that, up until now, I’ve had the bells pressed into the metal for me during production of the blanks. The German B20 had no bells and no centre-holes, so what I received was a collection of raw rolled bronze discs!

This meant I had to start hand-hammering the bells myself – I’d experimented with this before on stainless steel but never on bronze. I’ve found the process hugely enjoyable and the extra level of control it allows over the characteristics of each cymbal made me decide that every cymbal I produce from now on will be 100% hand-hammered- bell & body. I’m expecting a delivery of Turkish blanks any day, and this will be the first batch of Turkish produced in this way. I’m looking forward to hearing how they turn out!

Here’s something I’m currently working on from the German bronze – a 26″ ride! This one should be a beast when it’s finished, I kept the bell small with the aim of producing a mellow, huge and complex cymbal!


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