I’ve been thinking of adding a blog page to this site for a while, mainly to document my ‘journey’ as a cymbalsmith, and hopefully offer some insight into my progress and philosophy.

This is a first post as a test, I think you can follow this blog via the links below. Drop me a line if there’s anything you want (or don’t want) to see on this page – I get asked lots of questions about my method so this could be a good place to share some thoughts and keep you updated on what’s going on in the workshop!

A quick word on my latest work – I’m finishing off a new batch of rides and crashes, mostly thin and medium-thin with a couple pushing into ‘medium’ territory, and have just uploaded videos of the first three to come through (which actually work together very nicely as a set!). I’m pleased with the sound of these, the crashes in particular showcase some of my more recent learning in action. I’m entirely self-taught and the way I work is to follow my instincts until I come to an obstacle; then work, work and work until I overcome that obstacle. I’m still unraveling the finer points of the process, and I believe there will always be something to learn, but that’s what makes my work so rewarding. The fact that drummers around the world are starting to respond positively and enjoy playing my cymbals is a real bonus, I’m always very grateful for the feedback.

Have a look at the ‘For Sale‘ page to see the 21½” Trash Crash/Ride and 17″ & 18″ Medium Crashes I’ve just uploaded. Plenty more to come!

Soundtracking my work today has been some choice Radiohead tracks. I get very tired of hearing desperate criticism of Radiohead, I think often it’s the “I like to have an opinion” crowd who just want to shout loudly about disliking something popular. Of course not everything Radiohead has done is going to blow the world apart, but to my ears they’re one of the most inventive, sensitive and just plain musical bunch of musicians around!

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